Road Rash sprite


Road Rash II sprite

is a rasher who appears in all three Genesis games. He appears in the first four levels of the first game, appears from the third level and beyond of Road Rash II and the first two levels of Road Rash 3. He occasionally gives comments in the first two games. He carries a club.

Road Rash Manual SynopsisEdit

Biff is a preppie jerk with nothing better to do than put his too tight, eight-hundred dollar leathers on and punch easy riders like you off the road. Biff's a hard hitter, so watch yourself out there.

Road Rash II Manual SynopsisEdit

Daddy bought him a Diablo for high school graduation. Biff cruised Harvard Square without a helmet, just to mock the local cops who dared to pull him over. "Bucking for a desk job?" he'd jeer, tearing up a ticket.

Now he travels the country crashing Road Rash events, flashing his cheesy grin and lapping at his trust fund like a fat cat from a bottomless bowl of milk. This guy is a waste product of the '80s: he looks out for no one but himself.